Where the host1plus hosting center

host1plus hosting

 Los Angeles, United States
Premium data centers in LA, California, guarantee immaculate connectivity and ultra-fast response times.

Chicago, United States
A modern data center in Chicago, Illinois, is distinguished by high security standards and thorough server upkeep

São Paulo, Brazil
With a wide range of security equipment, the facility in São Paulo upholds a secure and reliable environment.

Šiauliai, Lithuania
Comprehensive real-time monitoring and efficient allocation ensures stability and good performance.

Frankfurt, Germany
Being one of the most secure and reliable data centers in the world, our server location in Frankfurt sustains uptime and high performance.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
A custom-designed facility in Amsterdam stands out because of excellent functional and physical security and lowest chance of downtime.

London, United Kingdom
A fully-staffed data center in London has a professional team of skilled technicians, highest levels of security and uninterrupted availability.

Johannesburg, South Africa
A reliable server environment in Johannesburg guarantees stability and uninterruptible server performance.

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