Looking for VPS Hosting – Host1plus is the Best Option

In an online business, being readily available to your consumers 24 × 7 is the very best thing you can do, and for that you have to host your company website with a better web hosting carrier.

Never do cost cutting while choosing the web hosting services due to the fact that if you purchase a plan from some web host which keeps your site offline in peak hours, then can you believe just how much company you can lose? Therefore, I would advise utilizing the very best hosting services with an appropriate strategy. Here I examine Host1plus hosting service that is world class.

Webhosting supplier offers you with all the settings and web-space where you can submit your website back up, do required settings, then your site will begin working on the web.
If you are a high traffic generating website or a creator of complex online applications then you will need a Virtual Private Server which hosts your creations smoothly and ensures that they reach your target audience in the smoothest and most engaging of ways. This is the only way you can ensure a steady flow of engaging traffic regularly. Also Check out here best web hosting companies

Host1Plus is one such provider of VPS hosting. It provides cloud hosting services too and they are also good but I was specifically looking for VPS providers and found Host1Plus’s offerings to be quite competitive.

Host1Plus offers the following services:
In this review I have focussed mainly on the VPS hosting services of Host1plus. To know more about its other services you can click on the links above although, I will still mention some general highlights.

What exactly is VPS and why do you need it?

With the growth of an online business, the server needs at the backend start to increase. If you do not upgrade your servers, the performance and outputs of your website can be compromised. Ifyou need specific or custom applications installed on your server, but cannot purchase a dedicated server due to some constraints, you can consider having a VPS.

A VPS is a partition of a physical server. You save money as the cost can be divided overhead between many virtual servers which are the partitions of a physical or more than one physical server. As the overhead cost decreases, having a virtual serversolution is more attractive as it is affordable for most people. That is where Host1Plus comes in with its impressive VPS hosting serviceand a great price / performance ratio.

It is highly flexible. The capabilities and the capacity of the VPS can be easily increased and upgraded to meet your needs as they grow.

Host1Plus allows you to host unlimited number of domains on your VPS. That is a huge advantage if you own multiple traffic generating sites as you can host them all from one place and keep a better track of them. You can also install applications with root-access capabilities.

The flexibility continues as the service works on all major Linux operating systems like Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora and Suse. However, if you want to use a windows operating system then you will need to see theircloud hosting service which would be more ideal for you. This service is quite affordable too, with prices and packages ranging from $11 to $67. You can also customise these services and build a custom package which fits your budget.

I have to say that this is an impressive offering and also a rare one. Most hosting services do not offer this extent of freedom to its customer. It gives you the power to use your resources more efficiently.
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Host1Plus VPS hosting provides you with your won dedicated IP address. This allows you to run your own web, e-mail and FTP servers. This also gives you a chance to improve your SEO performance.

Chicago, United States
Los Angeles, United States
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Frankfurt, Germany
Johannesburg, South Africa
host1plus hosting
This slightly indicates towards the support systems it has. The five locations do give it a chance to encompass the globe and provide fast hosting services and convenient support. This is coupled with a 24*7 helpline where your problems will be personally handled by their support staff. You also have the option of live chat in case you run into a sudden issue and require immediate assistance.

Having operation centres at multiple locations also means that you can reach a specific geographical audience if you have that sort of content. This is particularly advantageous for app developers and online careerists who develop for specific audiences and locations.

Finally we come to the question ofhow affordable is it? Well don’t worry, it is affordable, very affordable.

It has its VPS hosting packages divided into four categories of bronze, silver, gold and platinum. The bronze package is for the people who are new or other small scale business and the platinum is for those who have high traffic generating websites or develop complex online apps. All the categories have further divisions according to the locations.

Thus, you ultimately have 20 package options to choose from. The possibility that you will opt for customization is less as one or the other package will definitely suit your needs.In any case.if you want to further customize your VPS server, you can do so in the checkout stage. Follow Host1Plus on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & Linkedin.

The prices range from $2.5 a month to $45 a month with USA the cheapest and Brazilbeing the costliest in all categories.

Thus, I think that Host1plus is definitely a good choice for awesome VPS hosting. If you’re looking for a provider, you better take a look at it.

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